The Group runs a fleet of 1 750 vehicles which travel some 93 million kilometres per annum in the various countries throughout Southern Africa in which we operate.Of the above number, 570 vehicles are on full maintenance rental and the balance are owned by the Group.

The responsibilities of the Transport Department include the procurement of vehicles, the maintenance of statistical data on the fleet and the provision of technical services in the form of advice and monitoring of repairs and the maintenance to the fleet.

Various control measures have been implemented which include electronic fuel master technology which assists with the control of fuel costs given the size and geographical spread of the fleet.

Motor vehicle insurance claims are also controlled through this department notwithstanding the fact that the risk is covered in the main by the Group’s own short-term insurer, Customer Protection Insurance Company.

Despite the diversity of the fleet and the areas in which the vehicles operate, it was indeed pleasing to note that whilst 56 vehicles were either stolen or hijacked, 28 of these were recovered resulting in a nett loss of 28 vehicles, which, based on the size of the fleet equates to 1,6% of the fleet.

The transport department has now been placed under the control of Heilig-Meyers and forms part of the integrated logistical infrastructure of the Group. It is anticipated with the setting up of various delivery hubs throughout the country, efficiencies can be substantially enhanced with a significant saving in costs due to the smaller number of vehicles which will be required to meet the operational requirements of the Group.