Heilig-Meyers heads up the Credit department for the merged Group and is assisted by the very able and experienced Grand Metropolitan management who is responsible for the Relyant credit operations.

The Group continues to make major strides in regard to the credit granting process. Dual Matrix is used to determine risk on all new business and state of the art processes are used to improve the overall customer service at the time of purchase.

Ellerine accounts will be integrated onto the Relyant Call Centre infrastructure where “Triad”, an adaptive control system is used. “Triad” is a world leader in adaptive control systems and provides both account and customer management capabilities in an integrated package. This combines predictive analytics, decision making software and expert strategy consulting to automate and improve credit and customer management decisions. This enables the credit granters to make the appropriate decision for each account in the portfolio. This process results in increased revenues, reduced losses, improved customer service and ultimately increased portfolio profitability with drive sustainability which will provide the merged Group with a competitive advantage.

The Group is now able to apply “Triad’s” sophisticated risk management capabilities to the total portfolio and effectively maximise the benefits across all retail credit divisions of the business. This capability will ensure that the enlarged Ellerine Group will not only be one of the largest in size, but one of the most sophisticated from an account management perspective, with the ability to use automated decisions both in regard to marketing functions as well as in the area of collections. A pilot scheme has been launched to introduce predictive diallers into the call centres which will both increase the productivity of the staff and enhance the efficiencies of these centres.

Further improvements in the debtors’ ledger are expected both in regard to improved collections as well as reduced arrears. It is envisaged that this positive trend will continue throughout the next financial year and beyond.