The Group operates in the retail furniture and appliance sector trading out of 1 104 outlets as follows:

Traditional credit retail division
Ellerines/Town Talk/FurnCity and foreign catering to the lower to middle markets

Universal retail division
Beares/Geen & Richards/Lubners catering to the middle to upper middle markets plus Savells/Fairdeal which caters to the lower market

Value retail division
Dial-a-Bed/Mattress Factory/Furniture City catering to the middle to upper markets

Decorating division
Wetherlys/Osiers/Roodefurn Manufacturing catering to the upper market.

The Group’s corporate division includes its financial services operations through its short term insurance and its long term (life) assurance companies which provide products to the retail credit operations. This is supplemented by Rainbow Loans which provides small loans to the lower end market consumers. Early Bird services provide repair services to customers throughout the Group. Head Office consists mainly of service divisions providing essential services to the Group such as Accounting, IT, Human Resources, Merchandise procurement and Marketing, Property, Secretarial and Legal, as well as staff training and development.

The decorating division consisting of Wetherlys, Osiers and Roodefurn Manufacturing was acquired in November 2003. The merger with the Relyant Retail Limited Group with effect from May 2005 provided the Group with access to the key middle market through brands such as Beares, Dial-a-Bed, Furniture City, Geen & Richards, Lubners and Mattress Factory. These acquisitions have significantly reduced the risk profile of the Group which was previously confined to the lower to middle market consumer and has also significantly improved cash flows due to the substantial component of cash sales produced through the decorating division, the value retail division and the universal retail division.

The strategic coverage and penetration by the Group’s diverse divisions of both the rural and urban areas across six countries in southern Africa namely RSA, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia has positioned the Group to take full advantage of further growth opportunities across all LSM groupings both in the credit and cash retail markets. The Group remains committed to achieving a standard of excellence in all its operations.